When you lack confidence, you think that everyone else has it all figured out.

Take it from me. They don’t. That’s what I know to be true.

Here’s what else I know – about you.

  • You Have Limited Cash Flow
  • you feel stuck
  • You’re not sure if that lifelong dream is attainable
  • You wanna make a bigger impact with your life’s mission but don’t know how
  • You want your life to make a difference to the planet

Did I get it right?

Then here is one thing you should do right now:


Be your Hero: Take Control & Grow Your Business

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Oh yeah, this is an About Me page…

Being an accountant and a coach doesn’t seem like an obvious combination for many, but for me, they go hand in hand.

In 2018 after working in a growing accounting practice for 7 years, I decided to open my own accounting practice helping entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses; I am obsessed with our practice and I love our clients so so much.

Naturally, I started coaching my clients and I realised that I have a passion for teaching business owners how to build a life they love while making an income they deserve!

Who am I anyway?

I'm an eternal optimist, a systems geek, a fangirl of productivity and someone who goes after what she wants.

I am multi business-owning mom & wife, I married my first love 22 years ago and he’s been by my side ever since, supporting me throughout my career.

Whilst I love accounting and coaching, the two bigger loves in my life are my husband and son.

What I love 
  • Reading. I’ve read over 10,000 books. The worst question you can ask me is, “What’s your favourite book?” 
  • Travel (Business Class of course)
  • Food. If my plate is full, I'm happy..
  •  To build an indestructible mindset and bulletproof belief in myself and the amazing clients I work with
  • It’s never just about the money. But here’s the thing, I’m a money lover, because money gives you leverage and with increased leverage, comes increased impact. And it’s always about the impact.

Wanna know how good I am?

MIND TECHNOLOGIES LTD | Gabriel Birgoanu CEO: "It was very important for us to find somebody who could help us with our finances, but also who can really understand how our business runs."

How I Work

I am a business owner just like you. I wanted it all. I wanted growth and freedom.  But I found myself: 

  • Working 80+ hours / week
  • Stressed out, frustrated, and not growing

I saw others around me succeeding and growing. They made it look easy. So I figured:

There Has To Be A Better, Simpler Way To Run And Grow A Successful Business.

So... I went on a journey to find the answer. After years of work, hundreds of customers, and countless failures and successes later…

We’ve now got it down to a science to help ambitious entrepreneurs scale the RIGHT way.

Creating exceptional results becomes simpler when you have the right structure. To ensure that all of our clients achieve results quickly and well we use my unique method: BRIGHT Business Transformation ™.

When I fully embraced my new method:

I Tripled

my revenue

I Spent More Time

with my family 

I Helped 

my favourite causes

Was it very hard? Nope

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